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be herd.

How can horses help?

Working with our herd, you will learn the code to your own nervous system, you'll embrace your authentic self, gain emotional fitness skills - including stress management, keys to depression, anger, anxiety & how to set and keep boundaries in relationships, dating & in the workplace or school. No prior experience with horses is necessary.


Horses are prey animals & because of this, they are acutely sensitive and ever aware, using emotion as pure information. At HerdPower, we will guide you through horse-assisted sessions, in which horses use this sensitivity to provide a mirror that reflects your own inner state of being. 

Because horses are always congruent, acting as they feel, they demonstrate the power of authenticity and honesty in relationships. 


Whether you're interested in horses or personal development--or both-- the horses of HerdPower will allow you to experience what it means to truly thrive in life, offering you tools that open other worlds of creativity, insight, mindfulness and empowerment, expanding your vision, helping you reconnect to nature, to the herd and to the community.


Our lovely farm & herd are located just 30 minutes east of downtown Atlanta & the ATL airport.

We offer hourly sessions and 1/2 or full day intensives for individuals, couples or parent/teen. We can also create a themed workshop for your group - HerdPower is great for team building & leadership!


We can work in conjunction with traditional therapists, so if you have one (or are one!), and would be interested in this approach, let us know.


Please reach out for more info or to schedule a session with Jen & the herd.


Be Herd!

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The herd awaits! Let's make a time for you. . .

I have known and worked alongside Jen for close to 20 years. Life is like improv theater, and In the game of healing and horses, Jen excels at these skills.  Jen is a master at sensing and feeling whomever she is working with, and offering insights and structure to assist with their journey.  She is fun, artistic, sensitive, insightful, honorable and innovative.  Moreover, she is bold in her own willingness to deeply listen to herself in service of change. "


Terry Lewis, LCSW-C, CTRI

Eponaquest Advanced Instructor

Owner, Great Strides


Terry Lewis

Michelle M, GA

"The sessions I had with you and your herd changed my life back in 2015. I can’t thank you enough for all the healing that happened.  HerdPower helped me get over a couple major emotional hurdles. Thank you Jen Cleere! I highly recommend to everybody!"

S. Perret, GA

"I wanted to thank you again so much for the wonderful experience I had. It truly was very meaningful for me. I especially keep going back to Chester's heart to heart communication and it continues to feel very empowering. I wrote it down in the sweet little notebook you gave me and re-read it from time to time. "

Alyson G, GA

“I got so much insight from my sessions with you and the horses. I keep using the tools that I learned & must say that my anxiety has decreased  so much now that I can hear my own body. Thank you!! ”

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Text or email are the best ways to get in touch - as we 

are most often working with horses. Or goats. . .


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